Beginner's Photography Course :: Knoxville Photography Class

I'm so excited to be able to do Beginner's Digital Photography classes! Photography is my passion, and my goal for this class is to help you learn your camera and learn the basics of photography to take better photos! Whether you're a parent wanting to learn to take better photos of your family, you have a camera that you'd like to learn to use correctly (and get it off auto!) or you're new to the Photography industry and want to learn the basics and improve your work.

If you're like me, I like to know EXACTLY what to expect! So i'll try to give as much detail about the class as i can! We'll cover: 
My personal photography style & philosophy & my goals for the class:) 
How to capture moments, not poses - and the difference in a "snapshot" and a "good" image
Also, training your eye to tell "good" from "bad" photography, and why it's important!
Camera Settings, what they mean and when to use them. (Also includes lots of functions and terminology, and we'll even learn how to shoot in manual to have more control over the outcome of your photos.)
Composition (what's appealing to the eye, or what can make an image look "off")
Perspective (one of the most important factors, can change the whole look of an image!)
Finding the Light, using the light available, and the difference in quantity and quality of light
Great Photographs at any age (with some tips & tricks to captivate their attention!)
Incorporating props, background and foreground, even a bit on wardrobe.
Working with Siblings/Groups
Workflow (even give some suggestions for great image editing programs that are free)

There's so much involved with each of these topics, I can't list them all out here. So, come ready to learn! And don't forget to bring your camera and any lenses or equipment you want to ask about! 

All the info covered will be provided for you in a nice booklet to refer back to. You'll also be added to the exclusive FaceBook group for class attendees for additional help after the class, if you forget something, or have questions as you practice, or would like critique or how to make an image better.

Also, throughout the course I will give you ideas for how to implement different things, with a couple of "assignments" to start practicing right away! 

Just so you know, this is not specifically a class for professional photographers, or those wanting tips on creating a photography business. We will touch on post-processing (editing), but will not go in-depth. I am, however, working on something for the more advanced photographers or those interested in learning more about starting or growing their photography as a business. Just let me know if you'd be interested in that workshop, and I'll be sure to let you know when that's planned! The only prerequisite will be that you take this basic course first, so I know you have a good grasp on these topics first.

The next class is scheduled for Saturday, July 25th (2015) at 9am. Click HERE to save your seat!