As soon as new parents Heather & Lee brought little man Isaiah in, I couldn't get over how tiny he looked! and all that hair!  

We were able to get a several photos with this sweet new family all together, then Isaiah literally slept for me for the rest of the session! He was absolutely perfect! and I could hold him all day. 

I told Heather, I feel like every time I have a newborn session - I get a tiny bit of "Baby Fever"... then my babies (Hunter and Grant) come home and I'm reminded how crazy my world already is (in the good way, of course!). 

Newborn sessions only seem like they're easy... It takes a lot of training, experience, and definitely quite a bit of preparation by the parents (Heather and Lee, you did amazing!) as well as all the right elements coming together at session time to help baby stay settled and sleepy. But they will let you know when they've had enough. :) I have a "Newborn Guide" that I send out to parents a few days in advance of their session date (as soon as baby arrives and we book the shoot). Consider putting something like this together for your clients, or at the very least - letting them know what to expect. It's overwhelming enough to have a brand new baby - whether that's your first baby or your fifth... so giving them a few pointers and tips will give them peace of mind that they're doing the right things. Knowing what to expect can calm nerves and set them at ease for the shoot as well. 

Blue and White striped nightcap & pants outfit from Azure Raine, White fuzzy basket stuffer from Leighton Heritage, all the stretchy knit wraps (Not cheesecloth material, as that can irritate baby's sensitive skin if not the right type of wrap) are from Red Owl Photo Props and Lavender Lou Handmade - All on Etsy!
Baskets and other fabrics are local craft store or department store finds! Always have an eye open for great baskets!

Just make sure the base of any basket/bucket used is sturdy and wide (you can also use weights in the bottom) and there are no rough edges or wiring! Always layer blankets inside to support the baby's back, and leave enough blanket to pad under their head - so they are NEVER resting right on the basket with either their head/neck or ankles/feet. Notice in all my baskets/crates, there's plenty of room between baby and the edges! Don't try to squeeze a baby into a tiny basket! :) 

Ruby Lyn :: 7 Days New :: Newborn Studio Session :: Knoxville Newborn & Baby Photographer

Sweet Ruby! I thought she would just snuggle up in those baskets all day! I think it's safe to say she likes to be swaddled. 

I absolutely love these color combinations her Momma and I picked out for little miss Ruby! 

Charles Asher :: 10 days new :: Newborn Studio Session :: Knoxville Newborn Photographer

Welcome sweet Asher! 

Y'all. I think i'm obsessed with these color schemes for baby boys! I love blues and neutral tans and creams. I do love the occasional bright color or bold pattern, but these are just so sweet! (Not to mention neutrals are so easy to incorporate into your home decor through prints or canvases!) 

Asher was a dream to photograph! I know his milestone sessions will be just as easy! This sweet family now has three adorable kiddos, and Asher will be the second on a "Baby Plan" and I couldn't be more excited!  



Some of my favorite memories growing up was hearing my Daddy softly playing the guitar in the evenings after supper... and loudly to wake us up in the morning! (and yes, I'll always call him Daddy!)  

So I absolutely LOVED that Alex brought his guitar to serenade Brittney and Sophia for a bit!

Brittney & Alex were awesome enough to endure the heat and humidity at Melton Hill Park with me a couple of weeks ago for their maternity session...  (yes, I am behind on blog posts and pretty much all social media updates!)

I can't wait to meet Miss Sophia soon! 

Gage & Savannah :: The Emporium Center :: Knoxville, TN :: Downtown, Urban Wedding :: Knoxville Engagement & Wedding Photographer

We couldn't ask for a more perfect day for a wedding! Savannah and Gage are probably one of the sweetest couples I've worked with, and I am so happy for them! It's absolutely clear that they want to honor God with their lives, and in their marriage! Savannah and Gage - It was an honor to capture your day for you! 

To see the entire preview gallery, go HERE. But here's just a few of my absolute favorites from the Brazzell wedding:

Nick & Chelsea :: Maternity Session :: Melton Hill Park :: Knoxville Maternity & Newborn Photographer

I don't think this day could have been any more beautiful for this maternity session! I absolutely adore the "golden hour" right before sunset, and Melton Hill Park was just perfect. 

Nick & Chelsea, you're going to be wonderful parents! I haven't known you long, but it's obvious to me that pregnancy has brought you two closer in a way only you will know. Isn't it wonderful! It really does make all the newness less scary, and all the excitement is doubled! When you're married to your best friend, it makes all the difference! 

and I can't wait to meet little man Parker soon!

Gage & Savannah :: Engagement Session :: Knoxville Wedding Photographer

If ever there was a couple that absolutely are perfect together - Savannah and Gage are that! From the short time we spent doing these photos, it was obvious that they just adore one another, and have such a sweet relationship. I'm so honored to have a part in telling their story through Engagements and their wedding this May! 

Luke Stryker :: 13 Days Old :: Knoxville Newborn Photographer

Meet little dude Luke Stryker! 
He wasn't happy with us for the first little bit... but patience is a big part of newborn sessions! (That and having a clean-up crew handy!) 

These are some of my favorites...  Enjoy this chunky little man's photos!


Robbie & Sarah Gibbs :: Just Married :: Knoxville, TN :: Neyland Stadium & The Historic Southern Railway Station

My love for shooting in new locations is right up there with Mountain Dew, toddler kisses, and Hawaii Five-O... So I had such a great time with Sarah & Robbie at Neyland Stadium for their "Just Married" photo shoot, then family photos at The Historic Southern Railway Station & Blue Slip Winery. {P.S. if you're planning a wedding, you have to check them out! I don't get paid to say that, just absolutely love it there!} 

But I have to say, this is one of the sweetest love stories I've heard... Have your tissues ready!

Robbie and Sarah dated about 10 years ago, then parted ways... but never moved on. 
Robbie says he never settled for someone because he "compared them to [Sarah] and no one measured up." All the while, Sarah admits she always had Robbie in her heart, and felt that he was the one that got away!  In their own words, "Fast forward 10 years and here we are getting another chance and not letting it go!" If you have seen them together, you know just how much they mean to each other, and how deeply in love they are. It's so obvious they're soul mates and a perfect match... There's a saying I've always loved: "People aren't perfect, but they can be perfect for each other." 
How beautiful is that! Congratulations to the newlyweds! I'm sure it all seems so surreal to finally have your true love! 

Tell me your love story! {For a chance to win!}

knoxville engagement styled shoot giveaway contest free session

I know I've said it a thousand times... and I truly believe it... Every couple is different, therefore every love story is different! Call me a romantic, but proposal stories just bring tears to my eyes!
(and if you know me... so does every engagement session, and every wedding! and most movies, a few commercials, and about a thousand other things!)

So I wanted to do something special - to kick off this amazing year ahead of us! If you're recently engaged, within the last 6 months (or since August 1, 2014) and have not had any engagement photos done yet... I want to give you the chance to win the Engagement shoot of your choice! 

I have about twenty different styled photo shoot styles bouncing around my brain, and you'll get to select the look and mood YOU want! I don't ever want my photography to be "one size fits all" because there is no "one size fits all" love story. I want to tell YOUR love story in photos. 

knoxville fall engagement shoot, free engagement contest giveaway

Comment below and tell me about yourself! Include both your names, how you met, how long you've been together, how you knew he was "the one," how he proposed, and your reaction, of course! Were you surprised? Did you guess what he was doing? Did you cry? Did he cry? :) 


I really want there to be a random winner, but a contest seems like a marketing ploy to get you to send your friends to vote... which isn't my intention. and honestly, a contest makes it a lot of work on your part, so let's not do that. I like to keep things simple. 

So this will be done Old-School... with drawing a name from a bowl. Or maybe the story that requires the most tissues... :) HaHa!  

So, tell me your love story!

knoxville fall engagement shoot, free engagement contest giveaway

Please remember to include both your names, as well as your contact information! 

After I narrow down to 10-15 couples, I'll draw one lucky couple as the winner! (If I have a great response to this, I may possibly think about doing more than one! 
The next step is then to plan your styled photo shoot for the spring! I've got some gorgeous ideas, and some vendors already on-board for pulling together the perfect styled shoot!  

The only requirements are that you are engaged within 6 months (since August 1st) and have not had your engagements or wedding yet, and have not booked your wedding with me already. Also, please "Like" my FaceBook page HERE and Share this Giveaway by using one of the icons on the top left-hand side of this page! Thanks so much! and Good Luck! :)

Amanda + Micah :: Maryville Fall Engagement Shoot :: Knoxville Wedding Photography

Meet Amanda and Micah: High school sweethearts. and probably the quietest couple I've ever photographed... Just taking the day in stride, capturing gorgeous photos as we go, just happy to be together.