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I cannot tell you how excited I am to offer classes! Photography is my passion, and what drives me is being able to capture the sweetest moments in life! I am primarily a wedding and newborn photographer - but I can never turn down an opportunity to create beautiful images of a family! There's just something about capturing the emotions and dynamics of a family. It's not about documenting where you are in life, but how you FEEL as a family at this point in time... 

In having a family of my own, I know how important it is to capture those milestones... and I know how expensive it can get! Don't get me wrong, I believe there's a great value in having a Professional take your family portraits (with you in the photo and not behind the camera!) because the right photographer can make a piece of art from an image! (It's part of what I love about photography, the creative freedom to make it just wonderful!) 

So that's why I've decided to share with you some of the things that I've learned as a professional, and as a Mom... To show you the things that make a great image, teach you how to use your camera, how to spot "bad" photography, and how to get past Snapshots to creating art of your own! 

If you're like me, I like to know EXACTLY what to expect! So i'll try to give as much detail about the class as i can! We'll cover:

My personal photography style & philosophy :) (briefly!)
How to capture moments, not poses - and the difference in a "snapshot" and a "good" image
Also, training your eye to tell "good" from "bad" photography
Camera Settings, what they mean and when to use them
Finding the Light, using the light available, and the difference in quantity and quality of light
Great Photographs at any age
Incorporating props, background and foreground, even a bit on wardrobe.
Working with Siblings/Groups
Workflow (even give some suggestions for great image editing programs that are free)

There's so much involved with each of these topics, I can't list them all out here. So, come ready to learn! And don't forget to bring your camera and any lenses or equipment you want to ask about!

Extras Included:
All the info covered will be provided for you in a nice booklet to refer back to.
You'll also be added to the exclusive FaceBook group for class attendees for additional help after the class, if you forget something, or have questions as you practice, or would like critique or help on how to make an image better.

Also, throughout the course I will give you ideas for how to implement different things, with a couple of "assignments" to try at home! 

Just so you know, this is not specifically a class for professional photographers, or those wanting tips on creating a photography business. We will touch on post-processing (editing), but will not go in-depth. If you do not shoot in manual, or are just beginning in your photography - I HIGHLY recommend the class! I'm teaching all the skills I wish I had known in my first few months building my portfolio! (Would have saved me a lot of time!)

My next photography classes will be November 13th from 1-4pm and on November 15th from 1-4pm.

The only requirements are that you own and bring your own DSLR camera, and dress comfy! I'll have everything else you need!

Contact me at 865-323-9294 or from the Contact page of my website to get more information or enroll in the class! Don't wait, seats are limited!

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