Hi there! I'm Steph, and I'm so glad you're here!


Even as a kid, I knew I was meant to be an artist. Whether it was doodling on everything, or always doing some sort of craft or artwork. I've always enjoyed photography, and have had a camera in-hand since elementary age. 

In 2009, as I was searching for my own wedding photographer, I realized my deep love for photography. I felt drawn to the emotion, the artistry, and I wanted to be able to capture that for someone else! To be able to capture all the emotions and special moments of the wedding day, to preserve those for generations to come...  But I won't bore you with why Wedding Photography is such an important investment! You already know that, you're smart. You see the value in hiring a professional, want someone that will connect with you both, as well as your family & guests, and preserve your day in a beautiful, tangible way for you - That's why you're here. ;) 

I've been there! I've been a bride, and I can relate to everything you're feeling and thinking through this (sometimes stressful) process. I pour my heart into each couple, and will do whatever it takes to help your day run smoothly! Whether it's tracking down extra chairs for the reception, picking up your flower order on my way, or offering an experienced perspective or suggestion if asked.  

As your photographer, I want you to feel like you can be yourself, and forget that the camera is there. I strive to capture not simply what's happening, or how you look at this time in your life... but how you love one another, how you feel when you're together, and what dynamics make your relationship special. I want you to have fun and enjoy every minute of your wedding day! 

So take a look around, and if you feel a connection to me and my work, let's chat! Fill out the form on the Contact page, and I'll respond as soon as possible - usually within just a few hours, if I'm not out shooting a wedding or taking a family day. (P.S. That's what you can expect if you hire me. Whether you've just inquired, you've already signed your contract, or you already have your wedding images back - expect top-notch communication. I'm always accessible and approachable.) 


Personal Tidbits:
I'm married to Ben, my best friend and biggest fan. We have been blessed with two little boys, Hunter and Grant. I attribute my thriving business completely to God, I couldn't have done this on my own. My family & friends are my source of encouragement. I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to coffee, Mtn Dew, and Brookside chocolates. I'm 5'7" but wish I was 2 inches taller (Ben is 6'5"). Summer is my favorite season! (Although who doesn't love those 2 weeks of Autumn in East Tennessee!) I love Sushi and Italian food. Most days you can find me at home hunting dinosaurs with Hunter & Grant, or watching them hit golf balls in the back yard. I have formal education in Graphic Design, and one day want to add Interior Design to my expertise. I talk a lot when I get excited, and get quiet when I'm nervous or focused. I'm a down-to-earth southern girl at heart, and I use way too many emoticons and exclamation marks! ;) I call myself an "introverted extrovert" and love being around happy people.

When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.
— Robert Frank
It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.
— Paul Caponigro